The Techmaflex assembly equipment range covers all stages of the hose assembly operation


Crimping Machines

Techmaflex crimping machines come in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them ideal for everything from one-off, small bore maintenance jobs, to full scale assembly production operations.

Cutting Machines

Our dedicated range of hose cutting machines have been developed to be safe, efficient and produce a high-quality of cut through even the toughest hose structures. With a selection of cutting disc styles available, there’s no job that our cutting machines can’t cope with.

Skiving Machines

From manual hand-skiving tools for low volume maintenance outfits, to high volume production machines, our skiving equipment provides a clean, safe hose skive whatever your hose type (for both internal and external skive).




Insert Pushing

Struggling to get those larger bore fittings into the hose? Our insert pushing equipment takes the effort and uncertainty out of building hose assemblies by making sure that fittings are fully inserted prior to crimping.

Test Benches

Designed to apply proof-pressure testing to assembled hoses, our test benches allow you to test and certify hose assemblies up to 4,000 bar.

Ferrule Marking

Ensure full traceability with our ferrule marking equipment, complete with a full set of alpha-numeric and additional character punches.