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Click on the link to discover our machines of service and production for hose assemblies

Manual crimpers - H series

Van crimpers 12V - V series

Service crimpers - S series


Production crimpers - P series

Nut crimpers - N series

Industrial crimpers - XL series

Equipment for crimping machines

Manual skiver - H series

Service skivers - S series

Production skivers - P series

Equipment for skiving machines

Van cutters 12V- V series

Service cutters - S series

Production cutters - P series

Equipment for cutting machines

Marking machine - S series

Test benches - S series

Automotive Industry - Part calibration, Shock absorbers , Pouleys, Airbag

Automotive Industry - Air Conditioning, Brake hoses, Control  cables, Composite hoses.

Crimpers - Tube Industry

Crimpers - Tube industry - High pressure

Other products


Maintenance Kits - First Aid Kits